David Stewart, Executive Director, Markets and Mergers, at the Competitions and Marketing Authority (CMA) has written an open Letter to private healthcare consultants and hospitals regarding enforcement action under the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014.

In the letter he thanked those already participating in the process and announced an escalation in public enforcement action for individual consultants and hospitals who have made little or no effort to comply with their legally-binding obligations under the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014.

The open letter was followed up by a press release

Help is available

PHIN is aware that the government mandate which obliges consultants and hospitals to fulfil the 2014 order via the CMA can sometimes be difficult to implement with the very busy and important job of taking care of patients the priority, but we are here to work with the sector to help them comply with the requirements. 

We offer a range of support to consultants, hospitals and other partners through the PHIN Portal, including:

  • guides and videos for each process
  • opportunities to attend a virtual session to review each process – these are held bi-weekly
  • one-to-one support where that is easier for the consultant

Working together

We continue to listen to sector stakeholders to see how we can help make the process easier and increase compliance even further in line with the industry-wide strategy launched in July. We’re working closely with Private Medical Insurers to involve them in the measures and publication process as well.

By making the required information publicly available, as a sector we are providing patients with insights to help them make the important decisions around their healthcare choices. The data can also help the industry improve the service it offers patients.

We echo the CMA’s thanks to those already supplying data and look forward to working with the rest of the sector to further improve transparency and, ultimately, patient care in line with the requirements of the order.

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