A sector-wide roadmap and strategy for providing patients with better information about private healthcare services in the UK has been launched today.

London, 29 July 2022: The strategy launched today was facilitated by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) and developed in collaboration with private hospitals, consultant representative bodies, and Private Medical Insurers. It outlines how the sector will deliver the remainder of the requirements of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Private Healthcare Investigation Order.

While there is already more information available to patients considering private healthcare services than ever before, full delivery of the CMA Order has been slower than anticipated. This strategy represents the renewed commitment from PHIN, private hospitals, and the broader private healthcare sector for greater transparency about the standard of care delivered to private patients in the UK.

This comes as PHIN’s latest analysis shows that more patients are opting to self-fund common procedures such as cataract surgery, hip and knee replacements, with NHS waiting lists reaching record levels.

Jack Griffin, Acting Chief Executive of PHIN, said:

“We are really pleased to have worked across the sector to develop a realistic, workable delivery plan which we are all committed to. Of course, the real hard work starts now, but we approach this with renewed energy.”

Sarah Cardell, Interim Chief Executive at the Competition and Markets Authority, said:

“The CMA has given approval to the new plan that PHIN and its members have agreed. It has taken longer than it should have to reach this position and all involved will need to learn from this experience. However, the new plan represents an important step forward to ensure that the private healthcare sector complies with the CMA’s Order and patients feel the benefit of high-quality information on the performance of hospitals and consultants.
“We now expect to see PHIN and its members apply a relentless focus on achieving the plan and improving the quality of data that is provided. We will monitor progress closely and stand ready to take enforcement action if hospitals or consultants fail to meet the standards and timescales set out.”

David Hare, CEO of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said:

“With increasing numbers of patients paying privately for healthcare, PHIN’s role has never been more important in helping to improve transparency in the sector and to support patients to make the best possible decisions about their treatment.
“We welcome the strong engagement from PHIN in developing their important new strategy which will be key in ensuring patients can navigate the privately-funded care which is available to them in the UK, as well as delivering the CMA’s Order.”

For more information please contact press@phin.org.uk