New PHIN collaboration helps providers submit patient feedback data

PHIN has established a new initiative with iWantGreatCare/Top Doctors (iWGC/TD), to allow the free submission of data to PHIN through the iWGC patient feedback platform.

At its AGM in December 2023, Chief Executive, Ian Gargan, announced that PHIN would be working with affiliate companies to provide greater support to providers to help them comply with the CMA Order. This new collaboration is a result of that commitment and specifically focuses on support for the collection and submission of patient satisfaction data.

The iWGC platform provides a simple and accessible way for hospitals to collect the mandated PHIN patient feedback questions, and it will submit that data directly to PHIN on their behalf.

Ian Gargan, CEO of PHIN said: “It is important for healthcare transparency that we are able to collect large volumes of high-quality data. We know patients value the experiences of those who have undergone procedures before them. Therefore, we are keen to do whatever we can to help providers submit their patient feedback data, so that we can help patients make more informed choices.

“Working with iWGC/TD on this initiative provided a great opportunity for us to create a new avenue for data submission and reduce the burden on hospitals. We will continue to explore ways to develop this relationship, and others, to ensure we provide a gold standard in healthcare data.”

Jon Twinn, MD of iWGC and Director of B2B for Top Doctors commented: “We are delighted to work with PHIN to extend the capabilities of the iWGC platform to the sector and to collect more data that ultimately will help patients find great care.”

Providers wishing to use this solution should register directly with iWantGreatCare by contacting or visiting its website.