PHIN’s five year strategy gets the CMA seal of approval.

PHIN has come a long way in the three years since we were founded, establishing ourselves as a small organisation, but with a high profile and important role to play for patients and private healthcare.

Our five year strategy is very much the product of dialogue with our board, members and wider stakeholders, as we seek an approach that will achieve the improvements in the information provided to patients, while continuing to deliver value for the private healthcare industry. The strategy has now been approved by the CMA and is available here for downloading.

In it, we share our plans for the immediate implementation of the CMA information remedies, how we will meet our responsibilities as the independent Information Organisation (IO), along with our thinking for the period beyond April 2017, the deadline for information publication.

We also get into some detail about the data required of hospitals and how this will be used to produce the measures specified by the CMA towards the end of the document, more for reference.

While our focus is on delivering on our CMA mandate as the IO, our purpose is consistent with the principles upon which we were founded; to collate and publish information on a range of factors that patients consider important when choosing private treatment.

I am excited by the future and the impact PHIN can make on private healthcare.