PHIN publishes progress on data submission.

The past year has been dominated by preparations to fulfil our role as the information organisation for private healthcare, and publish information in accordance with the Private Healthcare Markets Investigation Order 2014.

Over the past 12 months PHIN has strengthened its information governance processes and the management of submitted data. We have also worked across the sector to provide support to hospitals subject to the CMA Order, and sought to develop strategic relationships with key medical professional associations and groups. Behind the scenes we have built systems to securely receive and process thousands of lines of data in a secure environment.

Although good progress has been made in some areas – particularly from many of the larger hospital organisations, there are still significant holes in the data submitted to PHIN. Only 62 of the 200 organisations required to submit data before 1 September met that deadline. Although we estimate this accounts for around 86% of market activity, only 52% of the data submitted met basic validity tests. An area where data has been particularly sparse has been with patient outcomes measures (PROMs). This may have implications further down the line as we look to publish robust and meaningful data for patients.

Read our Annual Report to see how PHIN has been preparing to receive and publish data, and support members, as well as progress from the sector.