Today PHIN hosted its annual Members’ Meeting where we provided updates on our progress so far this year, how we have been operating through the Covid-19 pandemic, and our strategy moving forward.

London, 31 July 2020: We heard from some of PHIN’s key partners – Richard Steel, Programme Manager at NHS Digital, who helps lead the joint ADAPt initiative, and Dr. Tim Briggs from Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT).

PHIN’s Chief Executive, Matt James, provided updates on the launch of our updated Portal, migration to OPCS 4.9 coding and our progress so far on our website redesign. For the remainder of 2020 the PHIN team will be working towards publication of Never Events in September and refresh of the data on our website.

Matt also prompted a discussion on PHIN’s early proposals for our longer term strategic plan, which are based around the following themes:

  1. Accelerate and complete delivery of the CMA requirements
  2. Focus on delivering benefit to patients
  3. Create value for stakeholders
  4. Work collaboratively and effectively towards one system

Many thanks to those who were able to join us. For those unable to attend, you can view a live recording of the presentations below.