On 16 October, PHIN will be hosting its second Quality Forum in London to help share data, experiences and knowledge across the healthcare sector. The theme for this year's forum underscores the pivotal role that advancements in AI, robotics, and data play in shaping the future of healthcare for the benefit of patients and everyone involved in the sector.

What is the Quality Forum about?

We are a ‘health informatics’ organisation, and the theme for the conference is ‘Patient Outcomes – Powered by AI and technology’.

We are keen to showcase examples of how AI and technology can have a positive impact, and examine how this has been done across different sectors and in different contexts.

The intention is for all audience members to be able to draw inspirational insights from that process which can equally be applicable in the world of private healthcare.

Who are the speakers at the Quality Forum?

Plus speakers from PHIN sharing data and insights. 

Quality Forum speakers
Quality Forum speakers

PHIN Awards

We will be presenting four new PHIN awards at the Quality Forum. 

The categories are: 

  • Innovation with a patient focus: Use of data, especially PROMs, with significant impact on patient outcomes and/or experience.
  • Best use of PHIN data: Highlight how you have used PHIN data to make a difference to your operations and/or processes.
  • Promotion of PHIN: Actions to raise awareness of PHIN and encourage patients to make more informed healthcare choices.
  • Consultant contribution: Consultant practice or consultant rep who makes biggest contribution to PHIN's work.

Find out more and nominate a potential winner using this form and come along to see who wins! 

Book your place at the Quality Forum

Places are free, but need to be booked in advance. To reserve your spot, please complete this form

Our event sponsor

Thank you to our event sponsors Chrysalis Finance
Thank you to our event sponsors Chrysalis Finance
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