John from near Chorley, Lancashire, shared his experiences of private healthcare and paying for it: My treatment gave me the ability to enjoy the freedom of independent choice again in my day-to-day life, which has made me a happier person.

My treatment and what I think about it

I received my treatment at Ramsay Health Care. I had a right hip replacement due to wear and tear.

I made my selection on Ramsay Health Care through the recommendation of others – the recommendation was important to me, as I wanted to make sure I went to somewhere that I knew people close to me trusted. My hip replacement was important to me, and I needed to make sure I went to the right hospital – and I’m glad I picked Ramsay! They were brilliant.

Before Ramsay Health Care, I hadn’t heard much about pay monthly options for private healthcare. They told me about the options I had, and that I could spread the cost of my payments for my hip replacement. Going through the treatment of a hip replacement can be stressful, and knowing I could spread the cost rather than paying outright helped me to have options. I used Chrysalis due to being recommended Ramsay Health Care.

Private healthcare was the best option for me as I was informed my waiting time on the NHS was around 18 months, and I didn’t want to have to wait a year for my hip replacement. As I said before, my hip replacement was important to me – it’s something that I need every day in my life, and ensuring I got the treatment I needed was important to me.

My experience, and treatment, with Ramsay Health Care was first class from the start to the end of the process. Both the Euxton Hospital, and the surgeon, Mr Bokhari, and his team were first class, as well as the nursing care and the meals provided. They really made me feel as though my treatment was important, and that I was a valued patient – I’m so happy with the service I received!

Paying for my private treatment

What attracted me to Chrysalis Finance was the attractive finance options – before this, I hadn’t heard much about pay monthly options for healthcare, so I wanted to ensure that I did my research and that it was the right option to spread the cost. And, after filling in the easy forms, and getting my payment options, I knew it was the right option for me!

I would have been able to afford my treatment without the monthly payment plan, but I would have been stretched financially. I felt relieved knowing that I could split the cost of my treatment. I knew, after communicating with Chrysalis, that I was in safe hands – it made a massive different to my treatment, and ensuring I went into my surgery stress-free with my payment options.

The process with Chrysalis was very easy, from start to finish. Everything was made efficient and straightforward for me. The online application forms were very easy and straightforward – and this is very important. Payment option forms can be daunting, and quite intrusive, but I felt like Chrysalis was very easy and straightforward for me.

A massive change to my life

My hip replacement at Ramsay Health Care has made a massive to my everyday life. I’ve got my mobility back without there being any pain, and this has given me the ability to enjoy the freedom of independent choice again. I’m able to do things for myself, and it’s made me a happier person.

I couldn’t be more grateful for Ramsay Health Care and the payment options from Chrysalis Finance. Chrysalis has been a game changer for me with my treatment – I couldn’t be more thankful for having the option to pay monthly.


We are very grateful to Ramsay Healthcare  – one of the hospital groups we collect data from – and Chrysalis Finance for sharing John’s story with us so that we can share it with you. However, please note that PHIN only provides information, we do not recommend individual hospitals, consultants or funding methods, so you should make sure you consider all your options before making your healthcare decisions.

Some patients will base their choice on the price (if they are self-pay) of the procedure, others will follow the recommendations of their private medical insurer. Other patients will focus on the consultant’s experience or something about the hospital, such as its regulator rating or location and facilities.

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