Steve from Winchester, Hampshire, shares his experience of having cataract treatment in the private sector:

About my cataract treatment

I had a cataract treatment in my right eye at Circle Health Group’s Sarum Road Hospital. Due to a sudden deterioration from diabetes, my cataract treatment was important for me – I needed to get it done as soon as possible.

My selection of hospital was based upon my loyalty to my consultant at Circle who I have been seeing for many years, but this time, it was as a private patient. My consultant has always been really good, and I trust them. On the NHS, I would have had to wait 3 months, and I wanted my treatment as soon as possible.

My decision was solely based on my consultant. My main decision making was through Circle, and their pay monthly options with Chrysalis.

Circle were truly fantastic and helpful with my treatment. I would highly recommend my choice of hospital and consultant! They made me feel like I was important, and that my surgery was not only important to me, but to them too.

Paying for my cataract treatment

The cost was a big factor in my decision making – being able to afford private healthcare was extremely marginal, until I applied for the pay monthly options. I’d heard a little before about pay monthly options in healthcare, but not much.

Chrysalis Finance were a big help in my decision making to pay monthly and getting my treatment privately. Without the pay monthly options, I probably wouldn’t have had access to my cataract treatment. I couldn’t be more thankful to Chrysalis for creating the option for me to pay monthly.

Having the pay monthly options were a massive relief for me and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment. From the start of the process to the end, Chrysalis were simple, helpful, and reassuring. When I had a query, the Chrysalis team contacted me and clarified immediately, with sensitivity and care. Everyone I spoke to helped to put my mind at ease and made sure I understood everything.

Everything has been made very efficient and straightforward for me – the online application forms were clear and concise, making it easy for me to apply. I’m glad I used Chrysalis, as they helped me to have a stress-free process, and get the treatment I needed.

After my cataract operation

I’m still having some issues after my treatment due to not having my surgery that long ago, but the timescales are much better. I’ve had a lot of relief, and I feel a lack of frustration due to there being no delays with Circle.

I would most definitely recommend Chrysalis to anyone who is thinking about pay monthly options for their private healthcare! Thank you to Chrysalis and the team for helping make my treatment possible.


We are very grateful to Circle Health Group – one of the hospital groups we collect data from – and Chrysalis Finance for sharing Steve’s story with us so that we can share it with you. However, please note that PHIN only provides information, we do not recommend individual hospitals, consultants or funding methods, so you should make sure you consider all your options before making your healthcare decisions.

Some patients will base their choice on the price (if they are self-pay) of the procedure, others will follow the recommendations of their private medical insurer. Other patients will focus on the consultant’s experience or something about the hospital, such as its regulator rating or location and facilities.

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