John from Warwickshire had a fall at home and broke his leg, which led to him needing extensive treatment. He had a disturb in his hip replacement, and this meant that he had a lot of discomfort when sitting down for long periods of time. He says he needed to get it sorted as soon as possible!

"My treatment took place at Nuffield Health Warwickshire, and all the staff looked after me well. With my wife having previously worked at Nuffield Health, we knew that their levels of service were outstanding. I had already been going for x-rays there before with my surgeon to keep checking on the disturb in my hip, and I’d had my previous hip replacement with them, so I knew them well. As a returning patient, I knew I could trust them (especially since my wife worked there)!

"I heard about Chrysalis through Nuffield Health – as soon as I saw the 12 months 0% option, it was a no brainer for me. I can keep my savings, whilst also having my treatment and seeing the money going out monthly rather than a lump sum payment.

In safe hands

"Due to already going to Nuffield Health for a while, I trusted them, so knew that I was in safe hands. Private healthcare was a lot quicker, and a no-brainer option with the 12 months 0% payment options. My experience with the clinic was excellent – I’ve been going there for quite some time and knew they would look after me! I could’ve paid for my treatment in full, but it was a lot more convenient for me to pay with the 0% payment options. I would definitely recommend Nuffield Health – they were all really lovely.

"Everything at Chrysalis was very easy for me to understand – the forms and online process was very simple for me to get through and apply for. My treatment was crucial to me – I wanted to be able to sit down comfortably with my loved ones and not feel the pain from my hip.

"The biggest difference I’ve seen since having my treatment is the ability to sit down for longer periods of time and watch TV with my wife. To me, this is massive! I want to spend time with my loved ones without having to think about the pain, it’s the little things that have made a big difference to me. You don’t realise the difference until after your treatment and you’re doing the little things – I’m so thankful to Nuffield Health and Chrysalis.

"I definitely recommend Chrysalis to anyone who is going for private treatment in the healthcare sector – they really helped me to feel stress-free whilst having my procedure."


We are very grateful to Nuffield Health Warwickshire – one of the 600+ hospitals we collect data from – and Chrysalis Finance for sharing John’s story with us so that we can help you understand the what it can be like to be a private patient. 

PHIN only provides information, we do not recommend individual hospitals, consultants or funding methods, and recommend you make sure you look into all your options before making your healthcare decisions.

Some patients will base their choice on the price (if they are self-pay) of the procedure, others will follow the recommendations of their private medical insurer. Other patients will focus on the consultant’s experience or something about the hospital, such as its regulator rating or location and facilities.

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