Knee replacements are among the Top 10 procedures people choose to ‘go private’ for. They are relatively straightforward and can be planned in advance and are at the more affordable end of things for those paying themselves. But what’s it like to have a knee procedure and how can it impact your life? Here we share a real patient’s story to tell you more…

Karen’s story

‘I wanted my life back’ said keen gardener, Karen.

Karen used to play lots of sport when she was younger and had always been fit and active, so when her knee was starting to cause more issues and she even had to reduce her driving and gardening, she thought it was time she did something about it.

Initially her experience with getting an NHS appointment to see a consultant had looked favourable but she ended up being told her consultant had left and she was without a treatment plan.

Karen said: “I was in limbo and had heard nothing. My daughter said that the money was there and that paying for the knee to be sorted would be the best option.

“After agreeing that this was the best choice, I have never looked back.

“Unfortunately my blood pressure was found to be through the roof, so this had to be sorted before surgery, but it was good that this was found and I am now on the treatment I needed.”

Karen had her surgery on 30 June 2023 and reported having experienced no pain, just a little stiffness.

“For me it was the right thing. I was getting nowhere with the NHS, I was missing my garden and I wanted my life back. I gave strict instructions to my husband what needed watering and looking after whilst I was on crutches, but I am already feeling much better and looking after everything.

“The staff at Practice Plus Group Barlborough have been brilliant, right from the beginning to the end. I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Contacting the hospital

You can phone the Practice Plus Group hospital in Barlborough, Derbyshire, on: 03308 085 468.

Find out more about the hospital on its PHIN profile.


We are very grateful to Practice Plus Group – one of the hospital groups we collect data from – for sharing Karen’s story with us so that we can share it with you. However, please note that PHIN only provides information, we do not recommend individual providers, so you should make sure you consider all your options before deciding on your provider.

Some patients will base their choice on the price (if they are self-pay) of the procedure, others will follow the recommendations of their private medical insurer. Other patients will focus on the consultant’s experience or something about the hospital, such as its regulator rating or location and facilities.

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