When you search for a hip or knee replacement on PHIN’s website, under ‘Health Improvement’, you will see the percentage of patients who reported that their health improved, remained the same, or worsened after surgery at that hospital. This information is known as Patient Reported Outcome Measures, or PROMs.

PHIN’s chairman, Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen is one of the leading experts on patient reported outcomes. Here he discusses the importance of PROMs, how it is used by consultants and hospitals, and how you can benefit from knowing the PROMs information for your chosen hospital.

Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen is Chairman of the PHIN Board. He trained as a surgeon and was appointed chief medical officer of Bupa in 1995. He is a long-term advocate for measuring outcomes from the patient perspective, and chaired the Department of Health’s PROMs Stakeholder Group from 2009 to 2013.

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