PHIN has published a new datasheet outlining volumes and length of stay for all hospitals treating private admitted patients in the UK.

Public bodies, researchers, clinicians and hospitals can use this downloadable datasheet to better understand and analyse services to private patients.

The datasheet includes volumes and length of stay at hospital level, for more than 480 procedure groups which are most commonly provided to privately-funded patients. This is for all hospitals that treat privately-funded patients, including independent hospitals and NHS hospitals with Private Patient Units. In the interest of complete transparency, any hospitals that are not currently searchable on PHIN’s website – due to insufficient data submission – are included in the datasheet with details about their submission completeness.

Recognising the benefit in understanding the total practice undertaken at each site, the datasheets also include a breakdown of both their private activity and NHS-funded activity.

We have also included different methods for counting volumes and calculating length of stay. This recognises that the number of patients treated at a hospital can be different to the number of procedures undertaken. However, both are helpful indicators. Equally, there are different ways of calculating length of stay which are helpful in different ways. We’ve included an explanation of each of the methods in the downloadable datasheet.

Currently the website search for length of stay is calculated for all spells containing the selected procedure. In 2021 we will be re-launching the PHIN website, at which point length of stay will move over to our new method, ‘PHIN Defined Single Procedure’, as we believe this is the most helpful for consumer audiences. You can find downloadable versions of both datasets in the datasheet below.

View and download Volume and Length of Stay datasheet from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.

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