A guide to Health Improvement Scotland Regulator Ratings and how you can use this information to inform discussions with your consultant.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) regulates independent healthcare services in Scotland. It took over these responsibilities from the Care Commission on 1st April 2011 (and began to regulate independent clinics in Scotland from April 2016).

HIS is currently responsible for regulating independent hospitals, voluntary hospices, private psychiatric hospitals and independent clinics.

It grades the hospitals and clinics it inspects with one of four ratings.

4 - Exceptional The service is performing exceptionally well.

3 - Good The service is performing well with some areas for improvement.

2 - Satisfactory The service is performing at a basic level.

1 - Unsatisfactory The service has major weaknesses and gives cause for significant concern

These ratings can be useful for patients allowing them to compare different providers, and the ratings in each inspection area show where the hospital is doing well or needs to improve.

Hospitals with lower scores are likely to have developed an action plan for making improvements. You should ask your consultant or the hospital about areas for improvements before making final treatment choices.

Visit the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website for more information.

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