Dr Ian Gargan joined PHIN as Chief Executive in September 2022.

Under his leadership, PHIN has undergone significant transformation and progress. In 2022, with a new chair, a new CEO, and a new roadmap to deliver the Competition & Market Authority's (CMA) Order, PHIN approached 2023 with renewed confidence to deliver and has already hit key milestones.

Driven by his mantra "Serve the patient, support the stakeholder, deliver the Order," Dr Ian Gargan leads PHIN with laser-like focus. The main mission of PHIN remains simple yet crucial: to serve the patient by providing them with valuable insights and data, empowering them to make informed decisions and choose the best healthcare options for their needs.

Under Dr Gargan's guidance, PHIN has embraced its role as a pivotal player in the healthcare industry. With data informing best practice, PHIN aims to create a positive impact, ensuring transparency and efficiency within the private healthcare sector.

With his extensive background as a medical doctor and qualified psychologist, Dr Gargan brings a unique perspective to the table, combining medical expertise with a data-driven approach. This combination of skills has proven invaluable in leading organisations focused on improving patient outcomes in both public and private healthcare.

As the Chief Executive, Dr Gargan is committed to advancing PHIN's objectives, working closely with stakeholders and partners to foster collaboration and achieve collective success. PHIN’s dedication to delivering on the CMA's Order underscores its commitment to driving change and raising the standards of private healthcare services.

Under Dr Ian Gargan's leadership, PHIN is poised to make significant strides in its mission to serve the patient, ensuring that individuals have access to the necessary information and support to make well-informed decisions about their healthcare journey. With a vision for a transparent and patient-centred private healthcare landscape, PHIN continues to be a driving force in transforming the healthcare experience for the better.