At PHIN, we spoke to some of our team so you can read about the real stories of the people who make our organisation great. This is Jimish's 'My PHIN story...'

Please tell us about your role at PHIN.

I started to work for PHIN in September 2022. At PHIN, my role as a quality assurance tester is to ensure that our website and portal are tested thoroughly and working to the highest standards expected by patients and care providers. I work with various types of healthcare-related data such as fees, procedures and measures to make sure patients are always receiving the valuable information they deserve, and providers of patient care always have access to the tools they need to share this information. 

What attracted you to join PHIN?

The opportunity to work towards the betterment of patients and make a real difference in their lives with the information and insights we provide to them. The hybrid working pattern is also appealing to me personally.  

What advice would you give to new employees or those considering joining PHIN to thrive in their roles?

My advice would be that as long as you have the passion and the right attitude, you will be sure to succeed with the support you will receive from the beginning. 

What is the best thing about working at PHIN?

Working with PHIN, I have the potential to grow within and beyond my role. Flexible working certainly helps. Team members are supportive and that made it easy for me to settle into my role when I started. 

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