PHIN accesses a huge array of information. We use this to publish information to help you make decisions on where to go and who to see.

We work with over 600 hospitals that offer private healthcare services, including NHS hospitals that offer private patient services. Each hospital is required to submit data about every privately-funded episode of care they provide. 

This includes: 

  • how many patients were treated in their facilities, and which consultant performed the treatment;
  • patient feedback and satisfaction survey results;
  • and; whether there were any safety issues or incidents.

We also work with more than 15,000 consultants that offer private treatment in the UK. 

Most of the information we publish about consultants comes from the hospitals where they work. 

However, consultants also provide information on the fees they charge for their consultations, and information for their profile, such as information about their education and experience. There is no charge for consultants to have their information published on the PHIN website. 

We are continually working to grow and improve the information we provide to you. 

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