The Hospital Relationship Executive will work with the Hospital Engagement Team supporting hospitals with submitting data for privately funded patient episodes in pursuit of compliance with the Competitions & Markets Authority’s Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the Order).

Overview of the role
Specific Responsibilities
Key Accountabilities
Essential skills and experience
Desirable skills

Overview of the role

The CMA Order provides the scope of the engagement, which includes the collection of specified patient data and publication of a range of aggregated performance data. The Hospital Relationship Executive will ensure information is provided to hospitals on working with PHIN to facilitate submitting data, using the Portal, as well as understanding the reports covering data submitted and the journey towards publication on PHIN’s website.

Armed with a broad understanding of PHIN’s mandate, processes and ways of working, you will be vital in ensuring PHIN establishes and maintains a trusted relationship with hospital providers in order to deliver on our objectives.

You will support the Hospital Services Manager with external communications, delivers training and provides support on how hospitals work with PHIN, listens to hospitals’ service enhancement needs and feeds back the information to PHIN to support decision making for improvements and information development, as well as being first contact for most incoming questions and enquiries.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure that hospitals identified as being required to participate with PHIN under the CMA Order are contacted, made aware of their obligations and then supported through a process of submitting the specified data.
  • Work with hospitals to maintain data consistently and ensure data submissions are sufficiently complete and accurate to enable PHIN to publish all the required performance measures.
  • Identify and segment hospitals, initiate contact and provide them with clear and useful guidance, advice and information to assist them in completing their obligations under the CMA Order.
  • Monitor engagement with hospitals and produce regular reports for the team.
  • Monitor progress towards CMA compliance and report to the CMA in a format agreed with the Hospital Services Manager
  • Maintain the relevant areas of PHIN’s customer relationship management and ticketing systems, including identifying functional improvements for future development consideration.
  • Manage PHIN’s shared mailboxes and escalate correspondence to appropriate team members so that enquiries are answered swiftly.
  • Engage with hospitals to secure support for aspects of Article 22 of the CMA Order, including the submission of ‘inclusive package prices’.
  • Keep up to date with all data requirements and specifications including updates to the validation rules and ensure providers are aware of these.
  • Support the delivery of a suite of hospital training resources both in person training and online.
  • Support the delivery of a programme of hospital communications that lead to wide support for fair and reasonable methodologies for publishing performance measures on PHIN’s website.
  • Support the development of user-friendly resources to support hospitals using the PHIN portal.
  • Create a close network of hospital contacts to support testing of service products such as the Portal and new product features or enhancements.
  • Support the Hospital Services Manager in shaping and implementing an engagement strategy for hospitals to increased compliance with the CMA Order.
  • Support the Hospital Services Manager in monitoring and reporting upward agreed KPI’s for hospital engagement.

Key Accountabilities

  • Provide hospital support for data submission and data quality improvement.
  • Support hospitals to maintain consistent and accurate data submissions, including improvements in data quality and increased overall compliance with the CMA Order.
  • Support the generation and maintenance of content for hospitals within the PHIN Portal.
  • Coordinate and populate the Member update newsletter and ensure the topics covered are timely and relevant to ongoing projects.
  • Support the engagement team with administrative tasks such as diary management and the monitoring of mailboxes, ensuring that responses to emails are answered in a timely way.
  • Securing support from hospitals with Article 22 and submitting data for inclusive package prices, as well as their help in encouraging consultants to comply with their legal obligation for submitting self-pay fees.
  • Listening to member feedback and feeding back to PHIN to support service improvement.
  • Participate in projects within PHIN to provide a hospital ‘voice’ in key decisions and provide support & guidance to the hospital providers on upcoming developments and in response to queries.
  • Working with subject matter experts within PHIN team to resolve problems and queries.
  • Prioritise, schedule and keep accurate records of discussions or correspondence with hospitals.
  • Work with the Hospital Services Manager & the Communications Manager to identify, develop and maintain a range of resources for hospitals, including a regular newsletter and user information in the PHIN portal.
  • Maintain a wider understanding of developments in the independent hospital sector by horizon scanning and networking.

Essential skills and experience

  • Knowledge of the healthcare sector
  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office products including use of Excel for data analysis (e.g. VLOOKUP and IF functions)
  • Good communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Effective management of workload
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good problem analysis and resolution skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Good project management and planning skills

Desirable skills

  • Familiarity with Dotdigital or similar communications packages

A full job description will be provided during the recruitment process.

Closing date for applications: 23:59 Sunday 15 January 2023.

For this position we are working with the George Buckland Recruitment Agency and if you would like to apply or have questions, please contact:

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