At PHIN, we spoke to some of our team so you can read about the real stories of the people who make our organisation great. This is Pooja's 'My PHIN story...'

Please tell us about your first role at PHIN

I first joined PHIN in January 2016 as a Data Quality Analyst. At that stage, PHIN was not getting any direct submissions and part of my role was to help providers get set up with the secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) to ensure they could submit data directly to us.

My main responsibilities at the time were focused on getting data in, and helping providers understand the data specifications. PHIN was new and a lot of providers didn’t have the processes set up to collect the data to our specifications. Prior to working at PHIN, I had no healthcare background, it was primarily my analytic skills, demonstrated by my undergrad in Mathematics, and my work experience which got me the job.

When and why did you leave PHIN?

I left PHIN in January 2021 after working for the organization for five years. It was a difficult decision because I enjoyed working at PHIN and felt I had been given opportunities to develop and grow. However, I decided to leave to explore what else was out there. I felt I had become very comfortable in my position at PHIN and, prior to working there, I had only worked at one other place so I wanted to go explore the career world.

When and why did you come back to PHIN?

I took several factors into consideration when deciding to come back to PHIN, I felt I had unfinished business having left before the CMA order was completed and having the four-year strategy in place before I returned provided me with reassurance that PHIN was focused on the delivery of the order with support from the sector.

I was glad to return to PHIN in a senior position, PHIN is an environment that promotes and supports growth. After stepping away from PHIN, I also realised that an important factor for me in a role is working for an organisation which makes a positive impact.

I returned to PHIN as an Analytics Manager in April 2022

What is the best thing about working at PHIN?

The best thing about working at PHIN is the opportunity to grow and develop. While working at PHIN I have always felt encouraged and supported in my professional development. I also feel empowered to take charge of my career and the direction I want to go in.  

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