At PHIN, we spoke to some of our team so you can read about the real stories of the people who make our organisation great. This is Peter's 'My PHIN story...'

Please tell us about your role at PHIN and if it has evolved.

Currently, I manage a team of 5 individuals with various roles in the Informatics Team. My primary focus is on ensuring that the data PHIN is provided by independent hospitals and Private Patient Units, adheres to the highest standards, meeting the Data Specifications and data validation requirements. Additionally, my role shapes the “method” documentation that outlines the details of the measures we publish to meet the CMA Order. In the early days of the organisation, when it was in its infancy, I led all Information Technology-related infrastructure needs for PHIN and supported our ISO 27001 requirements. The team too was only a handful of individuals and in recognition of my efforts, I was awarded a promotion in 2022.

What attracted you to join PHIN?

What attracted me to PHIN was its unique position in the UK (and probably wider), where it has the authority and duty to collect information within the Independent Healthcare Sector. I appreciate the organisation's mission to publish information that a regular person can understand, helping inform their healthcare needs. Coupled with its not-for-profit operational status, it’s enjoyable to work for a cause while being mindful of costs, ensuring we fulfil our needs in an effective way, both financially and practically.

What advice would you give to new employees or those considering joining PHIN to thrive in their roles?

My advice would be that collaboration is key. Being a collaborative individual will allow you to absorb what we are achieving and, in addition to your role, give you the context of how best to utilise your skills.

What is the best thing about working at PHIN?

Having the opportunity to work with like-minded and genuine people. Additionally, the delivery of the CMA order is motivating, seeing the continuing completion of all measures and having influenced how it’s been achieved over the years.

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