What measures can be published about my hospital: a guide to UK private healthcare outcomes.

As a patient, you are entitled to make an informed choice about your independent healthcare provider based on 11 performance measures laid out by the Competition and Markets Authority in 2014.

Since then, hospitals in the UK, including independent hospitals and NHS Private Patient Units, have been required to submit comprehensive data on activity, safety and care outcomes to PHIN. That data is used to produce the information we display when you search our website.

So how are hospitals doing? You can use the interactive charts below to view which of the performance measures PHIN would be able to publish for each hospital. You can also select a hospital on the map to see a breakdown of how its score is made up.

As you will see, many are reaching the higher levels. However, where data hasn’t been provided this is an important indicator and you are entitled to ask questions about the service provided by those hospitals.

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