A neck lift is an operation to improve the appearance of ageing skin on your neck.

The skin on your neck can become wrinkled or saggy with age and sun damage. You may also notice the appearance of bands of muscles as you get older. Having neck lift surgery can help to correct these problems. Neck lift is usually done in combination with a facelift. Your surgeon will advise exactly what type of procedure will work best for you.

What happens during a neck lift?

A neck lift is normally done as part of a facelift procedure, which involves making cuts just in front and behind your ears. To do the neck lift, your surgeon will usually need to make a small cut in the skin underneath your chin to reach a muscle in your neck and tighten it. Sometimes you might have liposuction too, which involves removing fat through the incisions in your skin. Your surgeon will lift and tighten the skin across your neck, and stitch it into place. 

Recovery and what to expect after a neck lift

You’re likely to have some dressings around your neck, and it will feel tight and sore after the surgery. You’ll be given painkillers to help manage this.

It can take several weeks for your skin on your neck to settle down, and you may need to give it up to nine months to judge the final results. Your surgeon will tell you more about your recovery, and potential complications to look out for. This will depend on the exact type of procedure you have.

Neck lift costs and fees

As a cosmetic procedure, a neck lift wouldn’t typically be available through private medical insurance. You’ll usually need to self-fund this treatment. Neck lift costs in the UK vary.

Typically, an initial consultation with the surgeon will cost between £100 to £250 depending on where you live. If you move forwards with the procedure, you’ll be offered one of the following.

  • An all-inclusive ‘package price’, where you know the full costs before undergoing treatment. Not all consultants and hospitals offer this.
  • A ‘fee-per-service’ deal, where you receive different invoices from the surgeon, the anaesthetist and the hospital. You often won’t know the full costs until you receive the invoices.

For more information, you can read our guide on self-pay


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