A quick guide to our vision, mission and values

Our vision

We believe that greater transparency and better information not only helps people make more informed choices, but also helps hospitals and consultants to improve their services.

As the independent, government-mandated source of information on private healthcare in the UK, our vision is that all people considering private treatment will have access to trustworthy, comprehensive information to help them make their decisions.

Our mission

It is our mission to offer a service that people value and turn to when considering which hospital and consultant is best for their care.

Through our analysis and publication of information, we develop professional and public understanding of private healthcare, help drive improvement in the quality of services, and drive better alignment between private healthcare and the NHS. 

Our values


  • We work alongside hospitals and consultants, but we are independent. Our primary duty is always to patients.
  • Respect individual privacy and commercial confidentiality at all times
  • Be fair and accurate: provide a unbiased view, letting both good and poor performance show in our information
  • Be relentless and energetic in improving data quality, and act to identify and eliminate risks


  • Produce information that will be used, and will make an impact for patients
  • Search for meaning, insight and utility in information
  • Help users to understand what the information means to them

Proactive and responsive

  • Consider the needs of patients and stakeholders, and involve them wherever possible
  • Strive to improve PHIN’s service, and be open to ideas
  • Respond quickly and helpfully to communications and requests


  • Remember that each pound we spend comes ultimately from patients
  • Balance ambition with responsibility to use time and resources wisely.

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