We know that healthcare can be confusing, especially if you haven't thought about 'going private' before, so we've put together these short videos to help you in the early stages of your journey and to show how our website can help you:

How can PHIN help me with my health?
Who carries out my private healthcare treatment?
Where do I get private healthcare?
Next steps

The videos explain some key healthcare terms and show you how to use our site to help inform your choices when you're thinking about having private medical treatment.

We've included the text from videos below each one if you'd like to read the information as well. 

How can PHIN help me with my health?

Welcome to PHIN, the Private Health Information Network. Do you want clear information to help you decide where to get private healthcare services, such as your operation, who should carry them out, and how private healthcare has helped other patients? That’s where we can help!

We are an independent, not-for-profit, source of information on private healthcare in the UK. The government gave us the task of collecting information about private hospitals including safety, quality, costs and the people who treat you. We then publish this information to support you – the patient.

On our website, you can search for information on provider, location, fees, patient feedback, typical lengths of stay, and ratings. With access to all this data and information you can make better choices when considering your private healthcare.

If you’d like to know more about the hospitals where you can get healthcare services, you can watch our short video: Where do I get private healthcare?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the people who will treat you, known as consultants, then check out our video: Who carries out my private healthcare treatment?

Both videos, and the ability to search for individual hospitals or consultants, are available on our website: www.phin.org.uk and you can also follow us on social media.

Who carries out my private healthcare treatment?

Are you considering private health care for an upcoming procedure? 

Perhaps you need a knee or hip replacement, or even a CT scan? Maybe you have cataracts or are thinking about cosmetic surgery?

If so, you will need to choose a consultant doctor to carry out your procedure. 

Consultants are medical professionals who specialise in a particular area of healthcare such as plastic surgeons, cardiologists (who deal with your heart and blood vessels) or orthopaedic specialists (who deal with muscles bones joints ligaments and tendons).  

At PHIN, we help you understand your options so our website has a range of information about all the consultants who could be treating you. 

We only list qualified consultants who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), are on the specialist register, or hold a consultant post at an NHS Trust. 

You can find information on all the consultants who can perform that procedure in your area by typing in where you live, the required specialty, and the procedure you are looking for. 

For example, if you live in Manchester and want to find someone who specialises in cataract surgery simply type in Manchester and under the procedure section type cataract. 

If you already have a consultant in mind you can search for their profile directly. Each consultant has a profile that describes their specialty and how experienced they are at a particular procedure (total admissions). And often other information too such as patient experience, and satisfaction, the consultant's potential fees and their contact details. 

In addition to choosing a consultant, you may also want to investigate the hospitals where those consultants work to find out more about the hospitals watch our video: Where do I get private healthcare? 

Where do I get private healthcare?

Are you considering a private medical procedure? 

Perhaps you have a cataract and want to pay to have it removed? Or need a knee or hip replacement but want to pay for it privately. 

Perhaps you are considering cosmetic surgery? 

On the PHIN website, you can easily search to see what hospitals offer your procedure by simply typing in where you live, and the procedure you are looking for. 

For example, if you live in Birmingham and want to find someone who specialises in plastic surgery simply type in Birmingham. And under the procedure section type the sort of cosmetic surgery you want. 

If you then click on the hospital tab at the top of the page you will get information on all the hospitals in your area. Each hospital has a profile where you'll be able to find out the costs involved, the hospital's rating, the number of operations it has conducted, and how long you'll be there. 

You will even be able to look at patient feedback so you can understand what other people's experiences were like. 

So, thanks to the PHIN search function you can make sure you choose the right hospital for you. 

You may also want to investigate the people who carry out operations at these hospitals. To find out more watch our video: Who carries out my private healthcare treatment? 

Next steps

If you'd like more help understanding private healthcare and your options (including how you pay for it), or the procedure/operation you might undergo, we recommend you visit our Help and Advice section where we have a wide selection of guides that can help you.

If you're interested in knowing more about the consultants and/or hospitals that can provide your healthcare, then use the search bar at the top of each page (or on the homepage www.phin.org.uk) and you can view profiles with more information. 

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